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Meet Bonk Be Live, The Ultimate Social Broadcasting Application In The World


Bonk Be Live streaming has finally entered the 4th industrial revolution using Social media platform, Augmented reality, 3D, and Fusion.

The boink Live streaming team has a vision, and they have invested millions of dollars into making the Bonk Be, the application comes alive. The Bonk Be. Live is proprietary, the artificial intelligence technology in the application is on another level.

Technology Generations
Now, which generation is the technology based? We will explain it from one to fourth.

  • First Gen: World started to use the water and steam power to produce results, which happens to the starting line.
  • Second Gen: When the first worked out, the second effectively used by the world, which is the electric power that has powered almost every machine in the world.
  • Third Gen: To create and automate the mass production, the third generation is all about information technology and electronic machines.
  • Fourth Gen: The third generation has developed, and it is the beginning of the fourth generation, which is what Bonk Be. Live app based on it.

The smartphone industry has evolved, and Bonk Be will be able to connect billions of people around the world. Boink Live Streaming Corporation has collaborated and working with imagically and other nerds around the world to make this application possible.

Adding Augmented reality and 3D features to the application.

The boink Live
The boink Live

The internet was part of the fourth generation, which has evolved to the point where we can simulate reality games online, energy storage, biotechnology, quantum computing, and autonomous vehicles.

IoT – Internet of Things
The proprietary about the artificial intelligence about the Bonk Be. The live app is that it focuses on the fourth generation, where IoT interrelated devices and machines.

The boink Live
The boink Live

In simple words, the technology can transfer any data between you and another person without any involvement of human-to-human connection. All data will be transferred via an internet connection, which did not exist until Bonk Live came in.

We have plenty of social media platform today, which are now adding the LIVE Streaming option to it. The ironic part is that the people need it to show and view anything via the mobile internet – said by CEO John lamb.

However, the connection between the Recorder and Viewer still bad, which requires few more years to fix it. However, what about the video?

The Boink Live Streaming Company has finally figured out a way to produce and deliver cassette quality audio using the internet, which is not introduced by any platform yet.

Diverse Posting Options
Social media platforms are limited when it comes to posting content like Pictures, Videos, Music, and Texts. Bonk Be. Live plans to give the people the freedom they need to create diverse posts.

The boink Live
The boink Live


Not only that creator will get audio features and visual components to make their most interesting and a unique approach.

Bonk Be Live has two options premium & VIP, which will help the creators to create more appealing content, while the viewers will get the freedom they want without compromising the quality.

How many of you have seen top social media CEO’s taking questions about the user’s privacy? Social media giants have issues with privacy, but Bonk Be has advanced profile technology that maintains the level of it.

Time Capsule
What goes on the Internet stays on the net forever? Have you heard of it? It is true indeed that people find many of their old photos to content which never erases from the internet history.

The boink Live
The boink Live

The Bonk Be Live application comes with capsule like profile, which will remain on the platform for years to come, that’s their policy. The pages or the profile won’t disappear even after years.

Currently, many sites like the Instagram which is going to shut down once it reaches it’s in its prime. Every content published on the platform will be flushed out, just like the Orkut and Youtube inbox feature.

Bonk Be Live application understands that the streamers cannot put their best efforts in making the content until they can make few bucks out of it. Which has enabled the streamers to make money while streaming and displaying advertisements in between the live feed?

In the year of 2018, Bonk Be. Live is going to turn the tables in the streaming industry with the latest fourth generation features. Let us know what do you think about it.

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